Case Studies


Our client required a mezzanine loan of £305,000 to assist with cost-overruns incurred as a result of challenging ground works on a site for the development of 3 residential units.

Our bespoke product offering included higher leverage than would typically be offered due to the off-plan sales of two of the units.

The remaining works were completed on time despite the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Loan Amount: £305,000


We provided our client with a 9 month Bridge Loan with a First Charge on land with planning for 29 units to allow the borrower a quicker purchase while they finalised development finance.

We were then repaid via refinancing once development finance had been arranged.

Loan Amount: £900,000


Our client required £200,000 of mezzanine debt funding to bridge the gap between senior finance and developer equity.

The development involved the construction of 14 apartments on a plot of land with £2.44m GDV.

The loan was fully repaid within 12 months.


We provided our client with £300,000 in mezzanine development finance on a project of 16 flats and houses with a GDV of £3m.

The loan was repaid one month early in full as the highly efficient construction manager completed the scheme in seven months.