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What we do


Clearwell Capital provide "Mezzanine" and "Equity" finance to property developers. 

If the funds available to you from a bank or other senior lender are not enough to cover the entire costs of your project, Clearwell can provide Mezzanine finance to cover the gap between existing bank debt and your own funds.


You can choose how much of your own capital you wish to commit to your project. If you don't have any funds to invest in your project (for example, if your funds are tied up in other developments), Clearwell can fund up to 100% of costs in the form of Equity.


What we look for
  • Viable - Scheme should be viable with current planning permission.
  • Residential Lead - We will consider sites with a commercial element less than 20% of GDV.
  • Profitable - Minimum profit on cost of 20% after finance costs.
  • Loan sizes from £100,000 - £1,000,000
  • Loan term from 6-36 months
  • Loan to Cost up to 90% (although we can consider higher than 90%)
  • Loan to GDV up to 75%
  • Proven track record of developments
  • 2x facility amount in net assets
  • Willing to provide personal guarantee
Benefits of Clearwell
  • Fast response time: at Clearwell, we appreciate you have tight deadlines to meet. That's why Clearwell aim to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours and give a definitive response within 48.
  • Clear decision making: we aim to provide you with a decision as to whether or not we fund your project early on in the process. From the outset, you will be in contact with the final decision maker, we will not change our decision based on a remote credit committee review. 
  • Flexible solution: Clearwell recognise that no two projects are the same. We will work with you throughout your project to find the solution that best fits your needs.
  • Long-term relationship focus: Clearwell do not view its clients as commodities. We seek to build long term relations with all of our clients.
Our Process


The Clearwell loan process is divided into four stages:


Phase 1: Application


  • To submit an application just fill out our short application questionnaire (link) and we aim to respond within 24 hours. Initial screening will focus on the project's viability based on submitted financials, although any other information you have would still be helpful at this stage.

  • Following a successful application, we will offer initial terms.


Phase 2: Due Diligence and offer letter


  • Once you are happy and have signed the initial terms, we will begin to conduct full due diligence checks to verify information submitted in the application phase as well as troubleshoot any potential roadblocks to the project.

  • Due diligence will involve a site visit as well as providing QS reports, valuation and developer CV. There are other requirements in this process, however we will walk you through this as we progress through this stage.

  • While conducting due diligence, we will also work on a formal offer letter, which will detail full terms of the agreement. We will also work alongside any senior lenders to negotiate terms of priority, including drawdown schedules.


Phase 3: Drawdown


  • Congratulations! You’ve secured funding for your development – now you can get down to making the project happen.

  • Our funds will usually be advanced in full on purchase / refinance of the property, however our flexible drawdown structure allows us to find the best solution for you.


Phase 4: Monitoring and Repayment


  • Clearwell will monitor the project throughout its course. We generally use the same monitoring surveyor as the senior lender, minimising additional costs.

  • Clearwell will require repayment upon sale of units or refinancing of developments.

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