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Clearwell was set up by Ed Marley Shaw to provide small and medium-sized property developers with the funds they need to carry out their projects.


This was in response to the increasing difficulty for small property developers to secure the necessary funds for their projects, due to overly conservative lending practices by banks and other lenders, following the financial crisis.


Since May 2013, Clearwell has provided over £18m in finance to support the construction over 560 homes at 56 separate projects, across the whole of the UK.


Clearwell provides mezzanine finance to experienced Property Developers.


Sometimes banks and other development lenders will not provide you with the necessary funding to see your project through end-to-end.


When this happens, Clearwell will work with you to create the optimal solution to your financing problem.


Clearwell isn’t like other lenders, we look at the merits of each project on a case by case basis and provide a fast and decisive answer.

Case Study



  • Advance: £300,000

  • Units Constructed: 16

  • GDV: £3,000,000

Clearwell's team is dedicated to creating the best funding solution for your project.
WARNING - Atlas Funding Group Ltd (Clone of FCA authorised firm)
We are aware that Atlas Funding Group Ltd is wrongly claiming to have raised funding for Clearwell Capital on its website. Clearwell Capital has never been in contact with Atlas Funding Group Ltd and they have never worked for the company or anyone affiliated with the company.
The FCA are aware of the activities of Atlas Funding Group Ltd and has flagged them as either operating regulated activities without the correct authorisation, or running a scam. The FCA strongly suggest you avoid dealing with unauthorised firms like this. For more details follow the link below to the FCA website. (Link).
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